September 2022

Oct 16, 2022

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September was a hard month. My long-term girlfriend broke up with me unexpectedly and said that she was never fully committed to our relationship, felt better off without me, and didn’t want to see me ever again.

That’s a hard thing to hear, especially from someone you thought cared about you deeply. Regardless, the outpouring of love and support from my friends has been overwhelming and has warmed my heart. With my newfound time I’m excited to rekindle old friendships, take on more adventures, and get stupid strong again.

At least I did get a little bit of climbing in :)

Thin laybacks up Rutabaga 11a
Thin laybacks up Rutabaga 11a

At school, I’ve started working with the UBC Formula Electric student team building the first traction control system for our racecars. We’re hoping to break 2s 0–100 before we graduate. It feels good to put to my engineering skills to use.

Updated October 16th, 2022 from Vancouver, British Columbia

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