What Classes Should Be Taught in School?

Mandatory classes

Digital literacy including Privacy
society is increasingly technology-dependent, and digital literacy must become a core component of our education system.

Basic life skills
money, relationships, emotional intelligence.

Calculus is overvalued in current high-school curricula. Equally important are linear algebra, statistics, and computational mathematics.

theatre teaches kids how to communicate, how to refine a sense of humour, and how to get along with other people.

Music or a language
music is a language, and students who learn languages are vastly more capable than those who don’t.

Other classes to consider

kids are never taught how to sit still and reflect. By having them sit quietly for half an hour every day, it is likely that many of them could learn to manage their restlessness and anxiety.

Physical education
should be performed twice a day.

Classes to abolish

While written and oral communications skills are vital, they should be integrated elsewhere in the curriculum. Grammar is learned through use, formal writing skills are developed through scientific report writing, and poetry is of little importance compared to other subjects.

Chemistry / Biology


More importantly, Teachers should be payed more

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