Seek Discomfort

The best things in life require a burst of energy to get started.

All require effort to initiate, but none to sustain.

“Are you willing to be uncomfortable for 5 minutes?

Exercising is easier once you’ve started the workout.

Conversation is easier once you’re already talking.

Writing is easier once you’re in the middle of it.

But many rewards in life will elude you if you’re not willing to be a little uncomfortable at first.” — James Clear

Unfortunately no one is coming to save you. Unless you practice and try out for that rep team, hit the gym and ask that girl out, work hard and demand that promotion from your boss, then you’ll never attain those things. So many people just sit around, never take risks, and hope that because they’re a good person that their aspirations will come true. You gotta take that leap of faith sometimes. — Reddit comment

Living a bold life requires being bold on a particular day.

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