Resource Acquisition Is Initialization

RAII is a Programming should be accessed via classes. This means that the class’s constructor allocates the resources, and its destructor deallocates it.

Here is an example of not using RAII:

RawResourceHandle* handle=createNewResource();
handle->performInvalidOperation();  // Oops, throws exception
deleteResource(handle); // oh dear, never gets called so the resource leaks

Notice that you get a memory leak.

Here is an example using RAII:

class ManagedResourceHandle {
   ManagedResourceHandle(RawResourceHandle* rawHandle_) : rawHandle(rawHandle_) {};
   ~ManagedResourceHandle() {delete rawHandle; }
   ... // omitted operator*, etc
   RawResourceHandle* rawHandle;

ManagedResourceHandle handle(createNewResource());

Notice that if an exception is thrown, the resource is still deallocated. This makes it memory safe.

What’s more, when the object leaves scope, the resource is automatically deallocated.

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