The Untethered Soul

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Jefferson Singer




“Most people just go from day to day protecting themselves and making sure nothing goes too wrong.”

This is a book about listening—listening to yourself and to the constant flows of energy within your mind. The author does a fantastic job of explaining the universal principles of spiritually and Mindfulness while separating them from the mystical words with which they are often accompanied. Here are the most important lessons:

  1. You are not your thoughts; you are the one who listens. We all have a constant barrage of voices inside of our heads, and it can be challenging to determine which of them is really us. The truth is that none of them are really us—we are the awareness at the centre who is constantly watching and listening.

  2. We are rarely aware of ourselves. We spend so much of the time trying to control the world around us and our thoughts that we almost never realize who we really are.

  3. We are controlled by pain. All the struggles we face in life are a result of past trauma upon which we have closed. The secret to freedom is to never close, allowing life’s disturbances to flow through us like water.

Like many books of this genre, a simple summary does not do justice to the experience of reading this book. While it left me moderately disturbed on an intellectual level, I found it moving.


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