Educational Reform

Children love learning, but hate school. Can we really blame them. By giving them meaningless and trivial work for the first 18 years of their life we prime them to live trivial and meaningless lives.

It is clear that modern education is antiquated and that much of what is taught in schools is a byproduct of the early-20th century rush to train factory workers. Students are taught to learn what others have already decided, whereas life is about making discoveries.

“School’s don’t show you the world, they just show you a bunch of careers.”

— Michelle Obama

“Is state education designed to encourage more Darwins and Newtons, or to create middle-management civil servants and workers? What tensions are brought into being when a child’s natural proclivity to question everything in their own unique way comes into contact with a one-size-fits-all mode of education?”

— Akala

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